NJ Landscape Architects Benefit From Adopted Site Plan Rule Amendment

Site Plan Rule

Although NJ Licensed Landscape Architects must graduate from an accredited or board-approved college/university, complete a four year apprenticeship, and complete a 4-part, 12 hour exam (Landscape Architectural Registration Examination), for many years, they were legally unable to prepare a Site Plan in New Jersey. Traditionally, engineers and architects who have similar training were the only professionals allowed to prepare such documents.

The Site Plan Rule is governed by Title 13 (Law and Public Safety), Chapter 27 (New Jersey State Board of Architects), Subchapter 7 (Permissible Division of Responsibility in submission of Site Plans and Major Subdivision Plats) of the New Jersey Administrative Code, also known as N.J.A.C. 13:27-7.3.On January 5th, 2015, the New Jersey Register adopted an amendment (Vol. 47, No. 1) to N.J.A.C. 13:27-7.3 which allows Licensed Landscape Architects to prepare Site Plans. Below is a copy of the amended regulations:

§ 13:27-7.3 Preparation of site plan 

(a) The location of proposed buildings and their relationship to the site and the immediate environs: By an architect, engineer, or licensed landscape architect.

(b) The locations of drives; parking layout; pedestrian circulation; and means of ingress and egress: By an architect, planner, engineer or landscape architect.

(c) Drainage facilities for site plans of 10 acres or more; or involving stormwater detention facilities; or traversed by a water course: By an engineer only.

(d) Other drainage facilities: By an architect or engineer.

(e) Utility connections and on tract extensions: By an engineer or architect.

(f) Off tract utility extensions: By an engineer only.

(g) On site sanitary sewage disposal or flow equalization facilities: By an engineer only.

(h) Preliminary floor plans and elevation views of buildings illustrating the architectural design of a project: By an architect, except when the building is part of an engineering or industrial project, floor plans and elevation views may be by an engineer.

(i) Landscaping, signs, lighting, screening or other information not specified above: By an architect, planner, engineer, landscape architect or other person acceptable to the reviewing governmental body.

(j) The general layout of a conceptual site plan for a multiple building project, showing the development elements including their relationship to the site and immediate environs: By an architect, planner, engineer or landscape architect.

(k) The grading of land and water forms, natural drainage, and determination of related impacts, assessments, and problems of land disturbance including erosion and sedimentation, blight, or other hazards: By an architect, engineer, or licensed landscape architect.

A copy of the complete Site Plan Rule code, specifically Subchapter 7, can be found online at:


This is a huge milestone for New Jersey Landscape Architects and a step in the right direction for the state of New Jersey.

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