Commercial Process

Typical Commercial Design Process

Project Initiation: During this phase, a representative from our office listens to your project needs and asks questions in order to get a full understanding of exactly what the project scope entails. A comprehensive understanding of the project allows us to provide the highest quality end product and the best overall customer service for your firm. Together we will determine what types of plans are required and establish an appropriate construction budget. Once all of the information has been gathered, a Contract will be submitted to your office summarizing the project scope, listing time frames for completion, and identifying the associated project fees.

Background & Research: When applicable, we will research the governing ordinances or regulations specific to the project location and site parameters. Pertinent requirements are presented in chart form to summarize whether the project complies with these requirements. This background due diligence brings issues to the surface early so that the development plan can be adjusted in order to prevent deviations from the code. If for some reason the project parameters prohibit us from complying, we highlight these deviations so that you are prepared to request a variance/waiver from the governing authority. If applicable, we will also review the Survey, perform a site visit, review site photographs, and identify existing vegetation.

Design Development: Based on the project scope and Background & Research phase, a preliminary plan set is prepared. In addition to the necessary code requirements, we will utilize our extensive knowledge of the profession to develop a creative, cost effective, and functional design.

Project Status/Coordination: Throughout the life of the project and once the Design Development phase is completed, our office will be in contact with your office to keep you abreast of any new findings, advise on criteria which has a direct impact on the final design, and propose alternatives in order to keep the project budget on target.

Final Construction Documentation: This phase involves refinement of the previously prepared Design Development plans based on our project status report and coordination efforts. The plans will be enhanced to show dimensioning for construction, construction detailing, Plant Lists, and any other notes or specifications which promote an acceptable review from the governing authority and clear direction for the contractor.

Professional Testimony: If required, our office will prepare the necessary exhibits and documentation for a public hearing. During the hearing, we will present our design to the appropriate board members for their review and answer any questions they may have that are applicable to the LAND Identity design.

Construction Services: Once the final plan set has been approved for construction, our office can provide the following services: cost estimates, bid forms, assistance with completing applications for tree removal permits, nursery visits to tag plantings, on-site construction management, final punch list walk-through, and As-Built plans.

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